Sheila Sheppard DipNT - Certified GAPS Practitioner

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and founder of NutriBaby, promoting a real food diet from pre-conception to pre-school, based on the nourishing traditions of our ancestors.

A few years ago, seeking wise answers to my daughter’s questions about feeding her first baby (in a baby food environment far removed from my own experience) I researched current recommendations and foods available for infants, and was shocked at the mass of conflicting (and often incorrect or misleading) nutrition advice available to parents and parents-to-be.

All of this coincided with reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon & Mary Enig.

This was the point of my inspiration and NutriBaby was born out of my desire to provide parents with the wise advice advocated by Nourishing Traditions.

NutriBaby’s mission is to help mums to make the best food choices for themselves and their babies, throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning and beyond; to give their children the best chance of a healthy future and, in their turn, nourish the next generation.

To achieve this, we offer informal workshops and individual consultations packed with practical nutrition guidance, based on current research and nourishing traditions – and not on the food industry’s desire to make money rather than to nourish the population.

There is little doubt that the rise in childhood health conditions in recent years, such as allergies, communication and learning difficulties, obesity and Type 2 diabetes, is directly linked to the way children and families eat, and confusion about what healthy eating really means.

So, don’t be hoodwinked by misleading claims made by the baby-food industry! Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat about how NutriBaby can help your family – and join the Real Baby Food Revolution.

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