I have fibromyalgia, and the difficult birth of my second child really knocked me for six. I was so unwell that for more than 6 weeks, I hardly had the strength to get out of bed. I started to think I would never get better. But with a thoughtfully put together nutrition and supplement plan, NutriBaby got me back on my feet. Thank you NutriBaby!


NutriBaby has given me the confidence to provide the most nourishing start for my child. I have learned what she can digest at different stages of development, all the while supporting her immune system, which will ensure that she grows into a healthy, strong adult, The knowledge I have gained has been invaluable and actually changed the way I cook for my whole family, for the better. I couldn't have done this without Sheila's help.


Sheila is truly amazing at what she does. Not only highly skilled but helpful and reliable. She does her absolute best to take you the highest level of health possible and really cares about your progress.


After a difficult birth with my son, leading to his digestion issues, Sheila helped my son in several ways. He went from screaming all day and night to the settled, and content boy he is today, all done through her dietary recommendations. Thank you.


I love the Weaning Workshop booklets and found them very user friendly, informative and an amazing guide through the weaning process.


NutriBaby, thank you so much for your support in helping me find cheap, easy, nutritious meal ideas that my kids actually love (so much so that they ask for more!). Feels so great to know that I'm cooking stuff that's full of goodness, and feels WONDERFUL when they wolf it down in delight! :-)


Thanks for the supplement info. Me and my two (age 17 months and 3 years) have been taking this for the past week, and we've all bounced back from a cold/cough that we'd not been able to shift for nearly a month!


Sheila is very personable and I felt very comfortable with her. I found her thorough in her work, exploring any avenue to help me.


My baby boy is having his first taste of food today at 5 months old. Egg yolk. Thanks to Sheila and NutriBaby for all the great weaning information.


The best money I ever spent was on NutriBaby's Weaning Workshop! I feel like I’m giving my daughter the best start and would never have done it like this without your help.


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