Fertility… and the right conditions for conception

For those wishing to enhance fertility and prepare for pregnancy, ensuring optimal nutritional status of both parents-to-be is a vital first step.

To improve your ability to conceive and increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, it is wise to plan ahead at least 4 months – and longer if possible.

A woman who is already well nourished can expect healthy eggs to mature in 4 months; and it takes at least 3 months for healthy sperm to be produced.

Not only are you preparing for your own healthy baby, but also your grandchildren’s health!

I found it very sobering to learn that the life-long health of my granddaughter will be affected by my own nutritional status long before I conceived my daughter1.

Fertility problems?

When fertility problems are suspected, the woman’s reproductive ability is usually examined first.

Men may need to be reminded that their fertility is equally susceptible to problems.

NutriBaby offers advice about what healthy eating really means, as well as an appropriate supplement programme, to support health for fertility, conception and pregnancy.

Note: If you think you may have a physical condition which may affect your ability to conceive, you should also consult your GP or other medical practitioner. Nutritional Therapy forms part of an integrated approach, and NutriBaby is happy to work with your doctor.

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