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Preparing for Pregnancy

“A baby is nourished in the womb not only by what its mother eats during pregnancy, but also by its mother’s body.”1

This means that the time before conception provides a precious chance for a mother to prepare her body for the most important part of her biological life.

Today we have lost touch with the value of good nutrition, and young women don’t put food first. They are often poorly nourished when they become mothers, and may experience difficulty conceiving.

Whether you plan to conceive naturally or are preparing for an alternative method such as IVF, ICSI or IUI, preparing your body for pregnancy is a wise step to take.

nb For both mother- and father-to-be, eating to strengthen reproductive health improves a couple’s chances of conception.

In some traditional societies, young women were given a carefully planned nutritional programme designed to produce physically excellent babies. This included being fed on special foods for six months before marriage, or being allowed to marry only once the cows were eating the highly nutritious spring grass and to use the milk from these cows for some months before they could be married. These peoples treasured high quality dairy foods, fish eggs, seafood and animal products, depending on where they lived.2

So what to eat…?

When it comes to what we eat, advice seems often to focus on individual nutrients, instead of looking at the foods we combine for good health.

Good fats are of particular importance for healthy reproduction. In fact, fish eggs (roe) are valued throughout the world for their ability to promote fertility, nourish pregnant women and growing children.

Other foods which help to build reproductive health

include fruits and vegetables, whole milk dairy products, butter, eggs, lentils, beans, quinoa, brown rice, wild ocean-caught fish, liver, chicken, grass-fed lamb, venison and sea vegetables. Processed foods and those containing sugar, wheat and additives should be avoided.

At nutribaby we can show you how to make your body a strong and nourishing home for your baby by making simple changes to your eating patterns and lifestyle.


nutribaby offers consultations for individuals or couples, as well as small, informal group sessions. It is recommended that planning for pregnancy begins as far in advance as possible, though even a month or two is beneficial.

Note: If you think you may have a physical condition which may affect your ability to conceive, you should also consult your GP or other qualified medical practitioner. Nutritional Therapy is part of an integrated approach, and nutribaby is happy to work with your doctor and midwife.

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