Taramasalata (Greek roe spread)

Fish eggs (roe) are valued by traditional peoples throughout the world for their ability to promote fertility, nourish pregnant women and growing children, and prevent problems of the thyroid gland

…and How

To serve:

For babies, only a small amount is needed, as roe is highly nutritious. Fish eggs (such as salmon roe) on their can be a lovely finger food for your baby, they love to pick up tiny little things.

Suitable for all the family, from 6 months or so, use this delicious pink cream to spread on sourdough toast, to fill celery stalks, carrot sticks or other crudités and salad, or serve in a dish with crackers of choice.

Variation: Budget Roe Spread

Use 1 lb raw fish roe (casing removed) from any kind of fish, in place of smoked cod roe; add natural sea salt to taste.

High-nutrient roe can often be obtained in season at very low cost from a good fish merchant.

Try sourcing smoked cod roe at Asian or Middle Eastern shops, maybe canned or in jars, or ask your local fish merchant, or or search on-line. Always check for additives, and source the most natural products possible. Avoid fish from Pacific regions.

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